Why Should You Buy New Construction?

If you are planning to move to a new house or to a new office, consider choosing a new construction instead of buying an existing one. Buying a new construction in can be an expensive affair but you won’t regret it. When you choose a pre-owned home, you may have to accept it the way it is but when you choose to get a new construction then you have the choice to get it designed as per your requirements. Everything is new and you can choose the colors and patterns you like. Here are some other advantages of buying a newly built home.

When you are building your own house then you can get it designed just like the way you want. If you have ever dreamt of a special design for your kitchen or wished for a patio overlooking your garden then you can easily get it in a newly constructed house. You can explain your ideas to the architect who would then turn your dreams into reality and ensure that it is practical as well.

Whether you need a fireplace, an open kitchen or a Victorian style bedroom, you can get them all. You can make sure that they are well insulated and the plumbing system works efficiently as well. If you want to make your house more environment-friendly then you can choose the doors and windows accordingly as well. You can also get French windows or sliding door and leave space for it.

As opposed to this, when you buy a pre-owned house, you might have to accept whatever is being offered. Making changes to the existing structure would mean more expenses. Then you may have to deal with leaking pipes, peeling paint and faulty electrical wiring. With old constructions you may have to deal with a lot of repair work and you can never be sure how strong the structure is.

If you have considered your options and have decided to build your own house then you need to make sure that you choose a good company. You can look for a construction company that deals in residential construction. A well reputed company generally has a good team of experts who can provide with all the services related to constructions and remodeling. They have architects who can help you to design the house better.

New Construction Homes Are Built Just For You

When purchasing a house, it’s best to consider new construction homes. Would you like to live in a fresh, untouched house, or someone’s used leftovers? The choice is yours. But there are endless benefits to buying a newly built house. If you’re going to live in a house for the rest of your life, you might as well have your say in the size, structure, and design of the building. You don’t have to settle for less than what you desire. Whatever your precise needs are, they can be met if you take the right steps. You can have your dream house in no time.

There are many places of residence on the market today. And real estate agents are persuading customers to purchase old, raggedy, run-down, places. These houses often need renovation. Oftentimes, they do not even meet the needs or tastes of the buyers. It is a huge mistake to spend money on a place that you don’t really like. Obviously the best thing to do is opt for a spanking, fresh, place that you have approved of. You can determine the color, style, and spaciousness of the house yourself. You can personally pick everything from the floors, doors, and windows. Builders can certainly help you purchase the place of your dreams.

Your personal tastes are definitely unique. You can decorate your house however you see fit. There is nothing wrong with polka-dot walls or lime green carpet if this is what you desire. These features can be added into any given place. But what about the design of your house? Of course you have a specific vision of the place you want to live in. Builders will work with you to make sure your dream house is made perfectly inside and out. Perhaps you want extra space for a den or guest room. Quality designers will make sure this vision comes to life. New construction homes provide luxury and comfort. Imagine taking part in the set-up of your own house.

Whether you are single or have a huge family, you deserve to have a place that meets your needs. If you have young children, it is important that you have enough room inside for them to play, move around, and grow. The house should have lots of space outdoors. It wouldn’t hurt to have a backyard and many other recreational activities to keep the kids occupied as well. What’s even more important is the environment. There is so much danger in the world. When buying a home, you must consider a safe community for you and your family. New construction homes are located in secluded, gated environments. This assures you that intruders will be kept away and your kids can play freely outdoors. You really can have it all. Living in safety, luxury, and style is not far-fetched at all. Trust builders to create everything you’ve always dreamed of in a living space. Put your fears aside. You don’t have to live in someone’s rusty leftovers.

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking Colors For Your New Construction Home

Making color picks for your new construction home will be easier after you have read this article. Write down the answers to these basic color and design questions and soon you will be picking out your colors with confidence.

1. How long do you plan to stay in your new construction home?
If you are going to stay in your new home for a long time don’t worry about using bright colors. You’ll probably be repainting in a few years anyway. If you plan to move within a few years, you should use neutral colors.

2. What decorating style do you plan to use? Do you like Contemporary, Early American, Mediterranean or Victorian styles?
Your favorite decorating style will give you a good place to start at when picking colors for your new home.

3. Do you have a flair for decorating or does the thought scare you?
Most new home builders have design centers that are a great resource. You can also go to the library or buy interior decorating and design books or magazines.

4. What kind of finish do you want your walls to have?
Decorative finishes add character and depth to a room. Choices like stippling,faux leather, faux marbling, spattering, sponging, stenciling, ragging, combing or dragging will give your room a unique look.

5. What color is your furniture for each room?
Pick colors that won’t clash with your furniture.

6. What kind of light will you be getting in each room?
Think about the direction your windows are facing. South facing windows will have sunshine coming in most of the day. East or West facing windows only have sunlight in the morning or afternoon. North facing windows get indirect sunlight. Your colors look more natural in sunlight.

Artificial lights like incandescent or fluorescent lights also affect how we see the colors. Incandescent light makes the colors look redder and warmer than under sunlight. Florescent lights make colors look bluer and cooler than sunlight.

7. What time of day will you be using the room the most?
Consider what time of day you will be using the room and choose your colors accordingly. When you are deciding on color samples for a room, go into the room with your samples at the same time of day that you will be using it the most.

8. Do you want to make the room look bigger or smaller?
Dark walls will make a room seem smaller. Light walls will make a room seem larger. A dark ceiling will make the ceiling look lower. A light ceiling will make the ceiling seem higher and the room feels larger and brighter.

9. What colors are you using in the other rooms?
Stand in the room and look out at the walls that are in site. Make sure the colors you have picked for that room complement those walls. You don’t want to have earth tone colors throughout the house and then have one room hot pink!

10. What kind of mood do you want to create for the room?
If you want a room to relax in after a long day at work use mellow colors. If it is going to be a family room used for watching TV and playing games, you can use vibrant colors.

Color affects everyone who lives in the home so make sure you involve everyone in the decision process. When you do this it can bring everyone together and be a lot of fun. Soon your new construction home will look as beautiful as everyone imagined.

Windows – Replacement Or New Construction Style

Many people are unaware or unsure what their decision entails. And hopefully with some good guidance from your contractor, he will explore your needs and explain them to you in detail. If not, here are some points to consider. Whether your current windows do not function properly or as you would like or you are concerned about the efficiency of them, or even both.

Once you have decided to explore your need to upgrade, most window remodeling jobs are in the thousands of dollar range, given the usual high quantity of units installed, so many choose to have a Thermal Infrared inspection performed to see where the issues are and the best remodeling method to use. The inspection is basically a thermal x-ray of your house, showing where air infiltrates and temperature differences on the surfaces of walls and ceilings, indicating insulation or moisture related issues.

There are significant differences between replacement or new construction style windows from both a cost and requirement perspective, lets take a look at both styles.

A popular option is the replacement window style, the window unit from a price perspective is similar to, or slightly lower than a new construction style unit, and the Installation costs is less because less labor / time and less materials are used in this installation method.

The window sash units themselves differ little if any, from the new construction style units.

A basic replacement window installation consists of a measurement of the existing window opening, width and height, “accuracy counts” for a proper size replacement unit to be made. Once your windows arrive the first step is removing the existing window sashes and the tracks or guides they operate on. A general cleaning of the opening is completed, and then the replacement unit is “dry fit” to check for any obstructions or other issues.

Once this has been done we are ready to do the install, an application of sealant is applied to the exterior stops, insulation is installed in the adjustable / expandable top and or lower portions of the window unit, the unit is then put in place, shimmed and adjustments for plumb and level are made, then the window is secured with screws in the manufactures supplied holes. If the original sizing was performed correctly there now is a requirement for minimal amount of insulation to be installed in between the unit and the opening, then reinstall any interior stop trim and any needed touch up. And your window is in.

So you ask, then why would I need a new construction style window installed as a replacement?

Here are some possible issues to consider and may be more likely, depending on the age group of your house.

Remember we took out the old sash and tracks on the replacement units, did your contractor remove the interior trim / casing to inspect for the proper, if any insulation in between the window frame and the rough framing of the opening? Likely not and it is generally not part of the replacement window procedure, though in many and especially in older homes this represents a significant amount of heat loss&air; infiltration, possibly equal to the loss that was there with the old windows, if there were old sash weights, did these cavities get filled with insulation? Now let’s take a look from the outside, is the existing window sill and trim in good condition? To many times we see replacement windows fitted into old decaying window frames, defeating the purpose and as the decay expands, it leads back to air infiltration and especially with heavy larger units, structure issues can lead to window failure that will not be covered under the replacement window warranty.

New construction style windows require all the interior trim casing be removed. On the exterior, the siding in the general area needs to be removed and the entire old window unit is then removed from the framed opening, this method gives the opportunity to inspect the framing and sheathing for any water damage, rot or insects.

Once any repairs that may be needed are complete, a new window unit is installed plumb and level and secured with a integrated nailing flange, beaded with sealant and secured around the perimeter, new flashing is installed and house wrap applied prior to the siding being re installed. On the interior new insulation is installed around the window and framed opening. Re installation of the old casing trim or new materials are installed, painted or stained and some wall painting in the area is usually required.